Shortly going to start blogging on the other Live@edu services

In the run-up to the start of the new term, the past few weeks have been nuts…back-to-back conf calls…some of them were even with customers 😉  The Exchange Labs service is really taking off in a big way now, and the excitement in getting the service ready for back to school/college is tangible…my thanks to each and every customer that has put their trust in Microsoft at the start of this incredible journey!
I am also seeing customers use a whole load of definitions to describe what they are working on with us…software+services, cloud-computing, off-siting (is ‘siting’ a real word?), grid-computing, hosting, near-shoring, infra-xtending…you name it.  Some of these terms have been around for a while, some of them are new.  What is your favorite definition?  Answers on a postcard, please (or comment)…best suggestion wins a podcast rendition of ‘Danny Boy’ by me dedicated to your school and posted on my blog…or something equally astounding.
I have some more posts I want to do on Exchange Labs…these are coming soon…but I thought that I should turn my attention to demoing some of the other Live Services we offer that have applicability in the classroom…I am going to start with Office Live Workspaces.  Work on this starts tomorrow with a basic run through of some features and functions.
Looking forward to it!

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