can’t find the New-EthicalWall.ps1 and New-ClosedCampus.ps1 scripts

A customer asked me today about where you can get the ‘New-ClosedCampus.ps1’ and ‘New-EthicalWall.ps1’ scripts.  They wanted to experiment with blocking mail to and from certain mail domains and mailboxes.  I had to admit, I didn’t know where these files could be obtained from.  I tried the technet site, I tried the Connect site…eventually I had to ask someone
Turns out these scripts are available for use directly on our service… What this means is that you either need to create a runspace on Remote PowerShell and execute the script by using the Invoke-Command cmdlet, or by jumping directly onto the remote console by using push-runspace, and then just accessing the scripts directly.
I will blog on the use of both of these scripts by the end of the week…need to dust off the microphone again…in the meantime, you can read the Technet articles related to these scripts here:
and here:

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