Using and modifying Exchange Custom Attributes in Exchange Labs

Exchange mailboxes can have multiple attributes set against them…Department, State, Address, Phone Number, etc, but what if you need more than that?  Typical questions I have been asked are:

  • How do I tag a mailbox as an Alumni
  • How do I tag a mailbox as a male/female user
  • How do I tag a mailbox as …?

Using PowerShell, if you run the Get-Mailbox command against a mailbox (e.g. ‘Get-Mailbox Jonny’) you will produce a rather large list of complete set of attributes, and right in the middle of the list, you will see CustomAttribute1 thru CustomAttribute15, which if you have not used them until now, will be blank.  These attributes can be used to store more or less any data you want.  You can then tie things like Dynamic Distribution Groups, applications, or something else to them.  The only thing an admin cannot do is rename the attribute itself, nor can you create new attributes, so you will need to keep a note of what each custom attribute is for.

These attributes can be updated quite easily…here is an example of how:

Lets say you wanted to use CustomAttribute1 to tag Jonny’s mailbox as an Alumni:

Set-Mailbox jonny -CustomAttribute1 ‘Alumni’

That’s it.  You can also make reference to these attributes when doing bulk mailbox creation.


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4 Responses to Using and modifying Exchange Custom Attributes in Exchange Labs

  1. Van says:

    When I run Get-Mailbox all I get are 4 attributes; Name, Alias, ServerName, ProhibitSendQuota. Why is this?I am trying to use Custom Attributes to create dynamic distribution groups, but I am not getting the results I expect. I need to be able to read the Custom Attribute fields so I can see if the data is there.

  2. US LiveAtedu says:

    if you enterget-mailbox <mbox name> | flyou will see everything. fl = format list

  3. Unknown says:

    I am having the sam issue with the Dynamic Distribution groups not working with custom attributes, has anyone solved this issue yet?

  4. US LiveAtedu says:

    I frequently use this in demos… have you followed the guidance here:

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