How do I do my videos?

A customer asked me today how I do my videos for my site…they would not tell me if they thought they were good or bad…but I told them what I do anyway.  I thought I would share the info with you as well.  Most of what I do has got relevance in an education environment as well, so I hope it is food for thought…
  • I record the videos using Camtasia Studio – a simple to use, yet fantastic product for doing all sort of video related work.  I use it to create a WMV file from my screen captures.
  • I set the resolution of my screen to 800×600 during the recording…although Camtasia can do a resize afterwards if you have done something larger.
  • I use a ZOOM Handy Recorder H2 plugged into my laptop – another brilliant piece of kit.  It sits about 20 inches from me on my desk, but you can still hear me breathing 🙂
  • I upload all of my videos to my account on, which in turn provides me with a download URL and an iFrame statement that I embed into the HTML of my blog. Best of all the SilverLight site allows me to stream so you all get a better experience.
  • I use Windows Live Writer to keep my blog going…which of course is running on
  • I use a public folder on my Skydrive, to share out files and so on.

At some point, I am going to have a fiddle around with Expression Encoder, which will allow me to do more funky video overlays and controls…some day I’ll get round to it…

So I hope that helps



One Response to How do I do my videos?

  1. Ahmed says:

    Microsoft “Community Clips” is also simple and easy. It is also FREE 🙂

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