Remove/Delete Exchange Labs Mailboxes from LiveIDs using PowerShell

Some customers I have spoke to recently wanted a little more guidance on how PowerShell can be used to remove Exchange Labs mailboxes from LiveIDs.  The technique that is used is very similar to the one used to create mailboxes, except of course you do not need to provide so much information in the CSV file.  I have provided the file I used as a sample on my SkyDrive.

I basically run the following commands, and leverage the CSV_Parser file that we provide to assist you with manipulating date from csv files.

1:Provide credentials for runspace
$LiveCred = Get-Credential

2:Provide use account with admin privileges

3:Execute Script
C:\csvparser\CSV_Parser.ps1 -LiveCredential $LiveCred -RemoteURL -UsersFile "s:\csvparser\deletefile.csv"

I also recorded a short podcast of me using these commands for real…enjoy!

double click to view in full screen




One Response to Remove/Delete Exchange Labs Mailboxes from LiveIDs using PowerShell

  1. Feng says:

    Hi Jonny, one of my customers has the following requirement: They want a function to deactive a user in Live@Edu but instead of removing the mailbox, they want to change it from mailbox enable user to mail enable user. Then when it needs to be reactivate, they want it to be changed back to mailbox enable from mail enable. I can not figure out a way to do it in Powershell 2.0. At first, I used remove mailbox cmdlet. but when when reactive, in order to recreate the mailbox, liveID password needs to change and there are limitations like new password needs to be significantly different from previous one and only up to four times of change. That just does not work for self serviced users. I then tried disable and enable mailbox cmdlet but looks like it requires Exchange management tool installed on the app server for snapin. However Exchange 2007 tool only works with Powershell 1.0 while we have to use 2.0 for exchangelabs. I am in dead water here, any help is really appreciate. Thanks a lot for your help. Feng

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