Creating Exchange Labs Mailboxes using PowerShell

In this podcast, I wanted to run through the instructions that you can find in the ExchangeLabs instructions on this topic. in support of this process, Microsoft has provided a ‘helper’ PowerShell script that can be driven by a set of simple parameters that you can feed in; the script (CSV_Parser.ps1) can be obtained from our Connect site here and the most recent version at the time of writing from my SkyDrive.

One word of caution on running any PowerShell scripts when connected to ExchangeLabs…be sure that you end the shell gracefully; something like “Get-Runspace | Remove-Runspace” would do proper cleanup on any opened runspaces.  The CSV_Parser.ps1 script does a graceful exit upon completion, so you don’t have to worry about it.  If you do not end the session gracefully, you will currently end up with an orphaned session on the ExchangeLabs servers that you cannot reconnect to; you can only have a maximum number of 2 shells per admin account on the service.  The shell will eventually drop, but you will have to wait for it.


Any comments on variations of this demo that you would like to see, please tell me.




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