Hello…now let’s get started

Hi there,
Welcome to my LiveAtEdu blog.  Something I intend to use to provide my thoughts and ideas on how Microsoft’s Live services can be applied to K-12 and Higher Education in the United States.  I am currently working on my first couple of videos, and should have one up in a matter of days, once I get some peace and quite to record it.
Check back soon!

3 Responses to Hello…now let’s get started

  1. Ron Fowler says:

    We\’ve been playing with Live@Edu for a couple of months now but haven\’t moved from the testing phase to the implementation phase because there just doesn\’t seem to be a way to present all the offerings to the student.  When a new student uses their live id and visits home.live.com they have most of the offerings listed, however exchange labs isn\’t the email listed, rather hotmail is.  What would really make this a slam dunk for us is if as part of the Live@edu account setup was configuring an initial page that could be hosted locally or as part of the live services that included Exchange Labs as the email gadget rather than hotmail as well as making spaces, skydrive, events, and office live more visible as well as providing school based information without us needing to setup our own portal of sorts to accomplish this.  If this is currently available I really wish I could find the info.  I\’ve been digging through the SDK, looking at the C# souce code, playing with the web service, etc which is basically a way to do simple account management.  I know with Google apps for education they provide this feature which is more then a token sponser picture that is offered with Live@edu.

  2. US LiveAtedu says:

    Thanks for the question…I am asking around here to see what we can come up with in the short term for you.  I will comment or blog on this once I get a response.

  3. US LiveAtedu says:

    OK…just checked, and essentially we are working to integrate Exchange Labs into the Live platform, and so end users will continue to see improvements.  The good thing about hosted services such as this is that you will not have to wait through for the usual product release cycles as we can continue to add additional services around the periphery of the core service without disrupting things.  I will be sure to keep an eye on this one for you.

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